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I have an OWL ontology and I want to store data as RDF . When I search in the Google I saw Jena library is used for this purpose. But I could not understand how can I represent data as RDF in Jade.. Plz can somebody help me ???

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What does it mean "RDF file"? RDF is a way to represents data, not a file format. –  shem Jul 30 '12 at 9:30

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Jade and Jena are more-or-less independent libraries, so using them both in a project is not hard. Indeed, they have been used in various projects - try a Google search for AgentOWL,for example.

Your agents will need one or more Jena Model objects to hold the RDF information they are going to reason with. These models can be loaded into memory in each agent instance, or you can use a persistent store, such as TDB.

When agents need to send inter-agent messages via Jade, as I recall the default mechanism that Jade uses is Java object serialization (this may have changed, it has been a while since I looked at Jade). Serialization won't work for Jena objects, you'll need to construct a model that contains just the RDF triples you want to send, and then toString() that into the content for an ACL message. I'd suggest using Turtle as the serialization format; it's more compact and easier to read.

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