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I have a Question to the 3 tier architecture. I have a Data Layer, a Service Layer and a Display Layer. For testing I use a console. I set a reference to a soap file and I don't know where i must set the reference to the soap file (In service layer or data layer?) The soap have a lot of functions for create a guestconnection to internet.


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What's a "soap file" ? You mean the Service Reference ? – JoeBilly Jul 30 '12 at 13:17
yes ............... – Tarasov Jul 31 '12 at 6:55

Short answer : Service References should always be in the Data Tier (as Service Components/Agents).

Long answer :

In n-tier architectures, here are the main layers :

[ Presentation Layer ]
[ Service Layer ]
[ Business Layer ]
[ Data Layer ]

The Service Layer is here to hide your business from the Presentation Layer & to give direct access to your clients through your services interfaces.

In this layer, only interfaces (and messages/services model entities) should be presents. Its your services representations.

Generally speaking, 3-tier is Presentation Tier > Business/Logic Tier > Data Tier ; there is usually no services layer elements in this one but you can put them in the logic tier.

In the Data (Access) Layer, you have two main data components : Data Access Components & Service Components (also known as Service Agents). All your references to others services should be here because services are "data provider".

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