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I have a problem with PHP code : I have been using PHP to generate static HTML files (via fopen/fwrite) depending on some SQL requests (among others) and I have a problem with a foreach loop:

$maincats = array('/boutique' => 'TOUS LES OBJETS',
                    '/boutique/nouveautes' => 'NOUVEATES',
                    '/boutique/luminaires' => 'LUMINAIRES',
                    '/boutique/assises' => 'ASSISES',
                    '/boutique/rangements' => 'RANGEMENT',
                    '/boutique/objets-deco' => 'OBJETS DECO',
                    '/boutique/tables' => 'TABLES',
                    '/boutique/art-de-la-table' => 'ARTS DE LA TABLE',
                    '/boutique/high-tech' => 'HIGH-TECH',
                    '/boutique/enfants' => 'ENFANT');

    $page .= '
<div id="menuWrap">
<div id="menu">
    $i = 0;
    foreach ($maincats as $url => $name);
        $page .= '
        <li><a ';
        $page .= 'href="'.$url.'">'.$name.'</a></li>';

I tried print_r before the foreach, I can see ALL the elements of the array (it works just fine). But every time I execute this the $page only contains ONE <li> , the last item of the array, and $i = 1. I can't think of what I am doing wrong.

Anyone has an idea where that comes from?

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You have a semicolon on the foreach line, I would start by removing that. –  Summoner Jul 30 '12 at 9:53
remove ; after foreach([...]) –  rabudde Jul 30 '12 at 9:54

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Remove ; from

foreach ($maincats as $url => $name);
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Ok thanks guys... My bad ! I didn't see it although I went through my code a couple times. –  maxbc Jul 30 '12 at 9:56

Remove ;

Wrong code

 foreach ($maincats as $url => $name);

Correct code

 foreach ($maincats as $url => $name)
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