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How to add value from devise registration form to another table that is not devise table

this is sample code

<div class="signin">
  <%= form_for(resource, :as => resource_name, :url => registration_path(resource_name)) do |f| %>
    <%= devise_error_messages! %>

    <div><%= f.label :email %><br />
    <%= f.email_field :email %></div>

    <div><%= f.label :password %><br />
    <%= f.password_field :password %></div>

    <div><%= f.label :password_confirmation %><br />
    <%= f.password_field :password_confirmation %></div>

      <div><%= f.label :full_name %><br />
    <%= f.text_field :full_name %></div>

    <div><%= f.submit "Register" %></div>
  <% end %>

  <%= render :partial => "devise/shared/links" %>

full name is field of profile table and i set device on user table, and if user enter name i want name full name store in profile table i dont have any idea how can i do this?

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I don't want to add another controller to overrite devise method – Thorin Jul 30 '12 at 10:17

you can use one of the many hooks that are provided by active record models:

ie. you could retrieve the profile object of the user, update the record and save it back in an before_save hook.

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I got the answer Put a def in devise model def name same as field name then devise allow you to pass the that field to model, in model/controller you can insert value through params in any table.

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