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Trying to codesign an application for compatability with Gatekeeper introduced in OSX 10.8

Following the instructions in

  • Create a Developer Account and waited for confirmation
  • Created and exported developer certificates from Xcode 4.4
  • Created a new OSX/Cocoa Application and set Product Name and Company Identifier field to give correct Bundle Identifier

Then on page 9 of the pdf the section Code Signing with a Developer ID Certificate tells me to go to build settings, and search for “code signing” to show only code signing settings.

But I see no code signing options,

What am I missing ?

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Select your target in Xcode and search for "Code Signing Identity" (CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY), and put "Developer ID Application".

You can also manually sign an application in the Terminal:

codesign -f -s "Developer ID Application"

You can verify if your application is correctly signed:

codesign -vvv
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Yes, found independently that selecting a target was the missing step, thanks. – Paul Taylor Aug 7 '12 at 11:00

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