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I am using SWF, and in one view I have a table. Calling some actions, this table content changes in the database, so it should show different values on the interface. These values, include a checkbox, which remains checked after running the action.

This is my code, following the documentation:


<transition on="someTransition" to="overview">
            <evaluate expression="bean.someAction(someValue)" />
            <render fragments="tableForm" /> <!--I have also tried tableForm:row -->


<form:form method="POST" id="tableForm">
     <display:table id="row">
           <display:column title="">
            <form:checkbox path="chosenIds" value="${row.id}"/>
          <display:column title="Value to change">
            <c:out value="${row.changedValue}"/>
            <div class="tableFooter" >
                <input type="submit" name="_eventId_someTransition" value="Send" processIds="*"/>

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance

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Why -1? At least a reason could be given! – Blanca Hdez Jul 30 '12 at 10:01
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Partial updates don't work for the forms I think. It will work on all output panels whether it is core jsf, primefaces or a4j.


Good Reference Project spring-webflow-2.3.1.RELEASE\projects\spring-webflow-samples\booking-faces bundled with spring release

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In my case, I really need to make a new search in order to retrieve the new values from the database. Once I fill in again the data type that I am showing, the new values are there, I don´t need extra rendering.
Anyway, I was following the same steps, just for curiosity, and in other cases, I don´t get the rendering working. Even if my problem is solved, I would like to see one rendering working! If anybody could tell me what is wrong with my code, it would be helpful in the future.


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