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I want to update the last generated row (the max(id) row.

I tried this code but it doesn't work

update person t1
set t1.age = 25
where = (select max(  from person t2
            where t2.address = 'LA, California');

MySQL tells me that : Error Code: 1093. You can't specify target table 't1' for update in FROM clause

So, I suppose that I cannot reach the same tale while performing operations such as updates.

How can I sole this problem ?


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You can try as:

UPDATE person t1
    INNER JOIN (SELECT MAX(id) AS id  FROM person
            WHERE t2.address = 'LA, California') t2
        ON =
SET t1.age = 25;


INTO @var_max_id
FROM person t2
WHERE t2.address = 'LA, California';

UPDATE person t1
SET t1.age = 25
WHERE = IFNULL(@var_max_id, -1);
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You cannot reference the same table in a subquery, but you can instead do it in a JOIN (which is allowed in UPDATE and DELETE statements):

UPDATE person a
JOIN   (SELECT MAX(id) AS id FROM person WHERE address = 'LA, California') b
       ON =
SET    a.age = 25

Another way you can do it is by using the ORDER BY / LIMIT technique:

UPDATE   person
SET      age = 25
WHERE    address = 'LA, California'
LIMIT    1
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the limit 1 method you recommended just simplified my queries so much. very good idea. – Eva Donaldson Feb 21 '14 at 19:45

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