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My DataSource Config:

hibernate {
 cache.use_second_level_cache = true
 cache.use_query_cache = true

i have an entity named Category that can have one or more Categories (children)

class Category{
 int ordering
 static hasMany = [categories: Category]

 static mapping = {
    categories(sort: "ordering", order: "asc")
    sort "ordering"
    cache usage: 'nonstrict-read-write'
    categories cache: 'nonstrict-read-write'

When i change a property from the admin page, lets say the ordering property from a category instance, that change is not reflected from the association to the parent category, so the assoc collection has the old property for the altered child. I tried to remove this:

  categories cache: 'nonstrict-read-write'

and then the categories assoc is always up to dated.

How can i ensure that every time i update a category instance, the categories assoc for the parent category will be informed with the changes? Shouldnt be worked like this by default??

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ok i found it! i had to evict the entire collection like this: sessionFactory.evictCollection(Category.class.name + '.categories')

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