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I have an interesting problem where I am trying to call class methods on an class which I essentially know nothing about in my test method. I can inspect its inheritance and any protocols it may implement but can't see an easy way to just call a method on it without getting tied up with an NSInvocation. The code below, albeit crudely, tries to demonstrate the problem I am having.

@interface ClassA : NSObject

+ (Class)classIsPartialClassOf;


@implementation ClassA

+ (Class)classIsPartialClassOf {
    return [NSString class];


@interface ClassB : NSObject


@implementation ClassB

- (id)init {

    [ClassB testClass:[ClassA class]];


+ (void)testClass:(Class)classDecl {

    /* obviously if you know the type you can just call the method */
    [ClassA classIsPartialClassOf];

    /* but in my instance I do not know the type, obviously there are no classmethods to perform selector such as the fictional one below */
    [classDecl performSelector:@selector(classIsPartialClassOf)];



Methods for getting implementations seem to return instance variants and I can't get them to fire on the static class itself.

Are my options limited to invocations or have I missed something obvious and should kick myself?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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In Obj-c it's called class method, not static method. The difference is important. – Sulthan Jul 30 '12 at 17:54
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"Methods for getting implementations seem to return instance variants and I can't get them to fire on the static class itself."

Then use objc_getMetaClass("ClassName") instead of objc_getClass. Class objects are objects themselves and are instances of their metaclass. If you pass the metaclass object to e. g. class_getMethod(), everything will be fine.

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Thank you for your help, it gave me the direction to head in. Although I didn't end up using the meta-class it did remove the blockage in my brain to look into the class_* and method_* functions that I have previously used in other ways. – Adrian_H Jul 30 '12 at 11:14

What is the problem? Your code

[classDecl performSelector:@selector(classIsPartialClassOf)];

should work. As will (simpler to write)

[classDecl classIsPartialClassOf];

Class objects are objects. And class methods are simply methods called on a class object.

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