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I'm trying to accomplish the following:

Upload a file to the application by submitting a form (enctype: multipart/form-data) to a JSP action which handles the rest (including writing the file to the disk, processing and returning some xml data about the upload).

Until recently, I was using this plugin: http://valums.com/ajax-upload/

This does not work well for two reasons:

  • it breaks on Internet Explorer
  • the code is written in half jquery, half native javascript and not in your usual plugin authoring form, which makes it harder to debug.

I've also looked at Uploadify ( http://www.uploadify.com/ ) but it takes a radically different approach which would require a lot of back-end changes.

Do you know any similar submit-form-in-hidden-iframe plugins that are cleaner / cross-browser compatible? Or alternative solutions that I'm missing?

Please note that I can't use a regular because of the specific requirements.


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You can try:


Pretty nice & simple

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It's not jQuery but this is quite nice.


Also YUI has an uploader.

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I've had success with this one:


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Allthough this is not a JQuery plugin, I can recommand SwfUpload for this kind of functionality. It's a combination of Flash and javascript which allowed me to do exactly what I wanted to without having to worry about the "upload"-part.

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Try jqUploader : it's written in pure jquery plugin style and uses a flash file to display a progress bar. Very easy to implement.

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You may try: plupload. It's back-end independent, and cross-browser.

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