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I am working on Holepunching using UDP and UDT. For the final testing I need to test the application on different NAT types (Symmetric,full cone,restricted cone, port restricted NATs).

Is there any method I can simulate these? What I expect here is some kind of virtual-Box setup. Can I use PC as a router so that I can configure according to my needs?

In general how do we test applications for different network conditions?

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I think you already answered your own question, use VirtualBox (or VMware, Xen, etc..).

I've done this very thing successfully by setting up mini-lans of VM's. If you're looking for software to act as your router inside a VM, I'd start off at http://www.pfsense.org/ and see if that meets your needs. It's a FreeBSD distribution tailored for being an easy to install router/firewall with a nice web management UI and all of that.

If pfsense doesn't fit your needs, there are plenty of other linux/bsd distributions out there that are tailored for this kind of stuff and that you can install in a VM: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_router_or_firewall_distributions for a good list :) (I've heard good things about OpenWRT and ClearOS as well.)

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Thanks quite useful info.. I need to spend some time on these for the setup.. –  user739711 Oct 17 '12 at 5:48

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