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This an example of my object:

<head prefix="og: http://ogp.me/ns# fb: http://ogp.me/ns/fb# openfever: http://ogp.me/ns/fb/openfever#">

 <meta property="fb:app_id"                      content="260740230708137" /> 
 <meta property="og:type"                        content="openfever:plan" /> 
 <meta property="og:url"                         content="http://app.feverup.com/openFever/index.html" /> 
 <meta property="og:title"                       content="Sutton Club" /> 
 <meta property="og:image"                       content="http://www.gettyimages.es/images/marketing/frontdoorStill/PanoramicImagesRM/FD_image.jpg" /> 
 <meta property="openfever:precio"               content="18€" /> 
 <meta property="openfever:fevers_dentro"        content="12" /> 
 <meta property="openfever:porcentaje_de_chicas" content="60%" /> 
 <meta property="openfever:price" content="40€" />

And this is the code that publish the action:

                    plan: 'http://app.xxx.com/openxxx/index.html',
                    //place: 'suttonoficial', 
                    place: 'Opiummar',
                    tags: '728885016',
                function(response) {
                   if (!response || response.error) {

                   } else {

The action and object is published. But I have a problem. How i can publish different objects? It means, changing the price, the image..

If i change some property of the object, the object is not updated. But if i user object debugger all published objects are updated. Not only one.

My question: It's possible to publish multiple objects?

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How i can publish different objects?

By providing the data under a different URL …

Open Graph objects basically just are URLs. So if you want to have multiple objects, set up multiple URLs and have them each deliver an HTML document with appropriate OG meta tags set.

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Yes, I know. But I only have one object called "plan". Each plan have an image, a price, etc.. The structure of the object doesn't change, only change the proprieties. How i can publish the same object with different proprieties? Now, when I change one propriety the object is not updated. On the other side, if I user object debugger all objects are updated. – David Martinez Jul 30 '12 at 10:44
“How i can publish the same object with different proprieties?” – by not publishing the same object, but a different one – using a different URL. “On the other side, if I user object debugger all objects are updated.” – of course, if all of these objects are represented by the same URL, which makes them just one object. – CBroe Jul 30 '12 at 11:24

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