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We are currently working on a custom php framework, with multilanguage feature. So far its easy to handle translations, but now we have more complex messages with links. For example, this:

"hello user <a href="/register">register</a> here!"

could be translated with included HTML tags?

"fkds vkelip <a href="/register">regiximi</a> fácő ea!"

Or I should do this in 3 steps:

"hello user" -> translation
"register" -> translation
"here" -> translation


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use one of the many i18n libraries around –  Rene Pot Jul 30 '12 at 10:32

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You could use gettext extension.

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you should use gettext function which handles all your translation requirements. as most of the current cms and framework does .

"<?=__('hello user')?> <a href="/register"><?=__('register')?></a> <?=__('here!')?>"
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You should put all text into the translate function because it's the whole sentence:

__('hello user <a href="/register">register</a> here!');
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