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I am trying to build a component in Joomla where I want an item to be in multiple categories.

Whenever I select ]multiple=multiple in xml form, and Submit the form, catid is set to zero.

//this is the code
    <code section>

<option value="0">JOPTION_SELECT_CATEGORY</option>
How do I achieve that?

Secondly where is code to insert catid values in db.
protected function loadFormData()
// Check the session for previously entered form data.
 $data = JFactory::getApplication()->getUserState('com_xyz.edit.xyz.data', array());
if (empty($data))
  $data = $this->getItem();
     return $data;

Can anyone help me out in this...

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1 Answer

I would recommend using a custom "checkboxes" field instead of the "category" field as I don't think that it supports the "multiple" value.

I seems like this thread is describing the same problem and has the solution.

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