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I'm using Cucumber for my tests. How do I rerun only the failed tests?

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Run Cucumber with rerun formatter:

cucumber -f rerun --out rerun.txt

It will output locations of all failed scenarios to this file.

Then you can rerun them by using

cucumber @rerun.txt
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it there anyway of putting it all in one cmd line? –  user1065869 Jul 22 at 12:44
You can use a rake task for run both cucumber commands. Afterwards you can call the rake file as: rake features:jenkins_with_rerun –  Jano Jul 23 at 14:47
You can use && to put it all in one cmd line (if you want to just start it and walk away) cucumber -f rerun --out rerun.txt && cucumber @rerun.txt –  Joe Susnick Oct 30 at 20:20

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