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A client gave me a rsa and ppk file so I can log into their server. Im using OSX Lion and I have all my current server connections in my id_rsa file. How do I add their key so I can login with that?

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the answer below is the way to go. But if you want something quicker: ssh IP_OR_HOSTNAME -i PATH_TO_KEY_FILE –  Gonzalo Delgado Jul 30 '12 at 11:46

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If the RSA file they gave you is stored in, say, ~/client/foo_rsa.key, you could:

$ ssh -i ~/client/foo_rsa.key username@theirhost.example.com

Storing this sort of configuration in ~/.ssh/config is also a very good idea if you want a more permanent solution.

In ~/.ssh/config, add:

host clienthost
    identityfile  client/foo_rsa.key
    hostname      theirhost.example.com
    user          usernameonhost

You then connect simply with:

$ ssh clienthost

and the settings from the config file control your session.

The spacing above is unimportant and included only for readabilty. Read man ssh_config for details of other things you can put in this configuration file. There's A LOT of stuff you can do, including proxying your connection through other hosts, creating encrypted tunnels (for other protocols like HTTP or SOCKS) on arbitrary ports, etc.

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