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I am using extjs4.1 grid in aspnet mvc3 application. I have used checkboxrowselection model. the issue is : once the checkbox is checked,the row should not get highlighted in the extjs grid. How can i acheive this.

please help

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I won't recommend changing the behavior of the checkbox. The checkbox action is to select the row. Is there any reason you want to do that? Maybe there's a better way. – Ben Jul 30 '12 at 19:19

The purpose of the checkbox selection model is to select rows. In extjs, selecting a row means to specifically highlight it, what you want is just a logical selection. You should be using the user extension: Ext.ux.CheckColumn that ships with the core library. To gather the rows, you would need to do a query on the store where the models property is set to true for the data index you define on the checkcolumn.

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