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I'm using .net4.5rc with MVC4.0rc

The code below is taken from a MVC webapi application but I the same behaviour is there for reular asp.net mvc

My registerroutes code looks like this


                name: "R1",
                routeTemplate: "product/{id}",
                defaults: new { 
                                id = RouteParameter.Optional 


This works well with Ids that doesn't have a period in them. However when I ask for a product with a period in it, the call does not seem to get to ASP.NET

when I use the setting below as suggested on similar posts it works when there is a trailing / But it doesn't work without it

in summary

http://mysite.com/product/AZ0     //works
http://mysite.com/product/AZ.0/   //work with relaxedUrlToFileSystemMapping
http://mysite.com/product/AZ.0    //does not work

The response is 404 and I guess this is returned by IIS without involving ASP.NET. When I run routedebugger with a URL like the last one above, I don't even get the routedebugger stuff

How do I make IIS to pass the control to ASP.NET when there is a URL with a pattern: mysite.com/product/{id} regardless of whether there is a period in the id or not.


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Let me answer this myself. Adding a URL Rewrite solves the problem. The code below added to the web.config tells to rewrite the Url with a trailing "/" if the URL is of the form (product/.) Then it is no longer handled as a file but handled as regular MVC.

        <rule name="Add trailing slash" stopProcessing="true">
          <match url="(product/.*\..*[^/])$" />
          <action type="Rewrite" url="{R:1}/" />
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