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I'm trying to output a TrueColor image using GD (specifically bgd.dll) from a C++ program under windows. The API (or at least the examples) seem to suggest that the range of the integer RGB arguments for gdResolveColor spans the values 0-255. Is this correct?

I've experimented with higher values and gotten strange results but this could well be to due my own lack of understanding.

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That is correct. True color uses one byte for each color component (red, green and blue). The range of an byte is 0 to 255, hence the range indicated in the GD documentation. So, 16,777,216 (2^24 or 256^3) different colors can be specified using these 3 bytes (24-bits).

I'm not sure how GD handles invalid inputs (i.e. a color component over 255). It likely masks the input and you end up with the your submitted value modulo 255.

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This was me getting my permutations and combinations mixed up. – DuncanACoulter Jul 23 '09 at 15:08

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