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I have a hover mousein mouseout setup as follows for a list item:

$("#main-nav li a").hover(function() {
                $el = $(this);
                leftPos = $el.position().left;
                newWidth = $el.parent().width();
                    left: leftPos,
                    width: newWidth
            }, function() {
                t1 = $(".current-menu-item a").position().left;
                t2 = $(".current-menu-item a").parent().width();
                    left: t1,
                    width: t2

And i want to automatically trigger a hover on '.current-menu-item a' as soon as someone enters the website or the page is loaded.

At the moment, i use $(".current-menu-item a").trigger('hover'); and it doesn't work.


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use this

    $(".current-menu-item a").mouseover();


    $(".current-menu-item a").mouseover();
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Thanks Uttara, the first one doesn't work, but i tried $(window).load(function(){ $(".current-menu-item a").mouseover(); }); and it works – Prem Paryani Jul 30 '12 at 12:40
$(".current-menu-item a").trigger('mouseenter');

Hover is not a real event (it's a contrived one by jQuery, made up of mouseenter and mouseleave). In any case, it is a two-stage process, so not logically triggerable.

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you need to use mouseover not hover like so

$(".current-menu-item a").trigger('mouseover');

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