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I need detect words that separate with space in a text. for example my text is:

some parent +kid -control "human right" world

now I need to detect some, parent, world. (all words that don't have + - ( ) < > before and after, and all words inside quotes must be discarded) so I write this regex with preg_match_all():


but it only detect some and world. how can I fix it?


I need it for Javascript too. But it seems it doesn't work for Javascript. how can I do it with javascript?


I found a solution but it seems stupid way. what is your ideas?

$str = 'some parent +kid -control "my human right" world';
    if($chr==' '||$i==strlen($str)){
print_r($words);//Array ( [0] => some [1] => parent [2] => world ) 

EDIT Final way for PHP (this is for multi-language queries) (special thanks to rubber boots):

$query='some parent +kid -control "my human right" world';
print_r($result);// some,parent,world

Final way for javascript (this is for multi-language queries) (special thanks to rubber boots):

var query='some parent +kid -control "my human right" world';
var result=Array();
var tmp;
var patt=RegExp('(?:"[^"]+")|(?:(?:^|\\s)((?:(?![\\+\\(\\)\\<\\>\\s\\-\\"]).)+))', 'g');
while(tmp = patt.exec(query)){
    if(typeof(tmp[1])!=='undefined') result.push(tmp[1]);
alert(result);// some,parent,world
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I don't understand the logic. All the words are separated by spaces. Why should 'world' match but not other words? Are you saying it's OK for the space to be preceded by (but not followed by?) a ", but not other characters such as - or +? –  Utkanos Jul 30 '12 at 12:12
explode(' ', $search) and you have all words, separated by a space… –  feeela Jul 30 '12 at 12:15
@Utkanos: I need exact words that dont have prefix like + - ( ) < > and all words in quotes must be rejected. this is a search phrase –  IVIR3zaM Jul 30 '12 at 12:23
@feeela: explode will separate all words. that I need only words that don't have prefix and not quotes. –  IVIR3zaM Jul 30 '12 at 12:24
@IVIR3zaM - this is crucial information. Please edit the question and include it there, too (e.g. words in quotes should be discarded). –  Utkanos Jul 30 '12 at 12:26

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If the following string is given:

 $t ='some parent +kid -control "human huhu right" world';

it's possible to extract words according to your specification with a rather simple expression too:

 $r = '/ (?:" [^"]+ ")? \s?
         (?<!\S) \b (\w+)
 preg_match_all($r, $t, $matches);

This results in:

foreach($matches[1] as $m) echo $m . "\n";


The technique used:

The expr (?:" [^"]+ ")? consumes the quotes and their contents.

Addendum: Javascript

For Javascript, you need to use a slightly more complicated approach, Javascript has no lookbehind assertions, we fake them with (?:^|\\s) in front of an allowed word.

This will work:

  var t = 'some parent +kid -control "human huhu right" world';
  var r = /(?:"[^"]+")?(?:^|\s)(\b\w+)/g;
  var a = [];
  while(m = r.exec(t)) a.push(m[1]);

We use the same technique here - generate captured submatches in $1 for the words we need.

The contents of the array a, (document.getElementById("myhtml").innerHTML = a;) will contain then:

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thanks a lot. I need it for javascript too. but it seems it doesn't work for javascript. how can I do it with javascript? –  IVIR3zaM Jul 30 '12 at 14:59
I will now go out running for a while. If not somebody else provided a Javascript solution, I'll try to. Please add a Javascript Tag to your question, remove your overcomplicated PHP solution and add an additional paragraph for requesting a Javascript solution instead. –  rubber boots Jul 30 '12 at 15:16
thank you very mutch. its ok –  IVIR3zaM Jul 31 '12 at 9:17
@IVIR3zaM - after some discussion in another question, I simplified the expressions and removed the filter step. –  rubber boots Jul 31 '12 at 13:21


$str = 'some parent +kid -control "human right" world';
$words = array_filter(explode(' ', $str), function($word) {
    return preg_match('/^[^-+"]*$/', $word);
echo implode(', ', $words); //some, parent, world

That disallows any words that contain +, - or ". Is that what you meant?

Note I use an anonymous function as the callback to array_filter(). If you're on PHP < 5.3, use a named function instead, or one made with create_function().

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this is nice. but have a problem. if inside quotes be more that 2 words, it detect middle words as space separated word. I need to skip all words in quotes. –  IVIR3zaM Jul 30 '12 at 12:34
Did you try the code? It returns some, parent and world, exactly the output you said you needed. –  Utkanos Jul 30 '12 at 12:34
yes I test it. if you try this phrase some parent +kid -control "my human right" world it returns some, parent, human, world. that is incorrect. all words inside quotes must be skipped. –  IVIR3zaM Jul 30 '12 at 12:38
Well I couldn't have predicted this requirement from the question you posted. This requirement makes things notably more difficult, I'm afraid. –  Utkanos Jul 30 '12 at 12:40

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