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I am likely to get b'*ch slapped because I haven't searched the forum enough before posting, but I really think I searched all relevant posts already, many seem not specifically covering the question I have, the others fly right over my beginner's head ( as I am new to PHP & js ). That being said...

I have built a PHP code to fetch data from an XML file using the $xml=simplexml_load_file();

No worries there, however one of the needed data 'entries' or 'fields' needs to exist within an onclick and/or an onmouseup javascript function.

The code is as follows:

        $max = 8;
        $i = 1;
foreach($xml->product as $feed){ 
if ($i <= $max){
echo "<table id='{$feed->position}' class='prod_container'>
        <td class='hidden_mask' id='{$feed->position}'>
        <td class='hidden_image' id='{$feed->position}'><span style='background:url({$feed->prod_image_large}) no-repeat center;'/></span><div><a onmouseup='$('.hidden_image#{$feed->position}').slideToggle('slow');' onclick='$('.hidden_mask#{$feed->position}').hide();'><b>CLOSE</b></a></div>
        <td class='prod_image' id='{$feed->position}'>
        <span style='background:url({$feed->prod_image_small}) no-repeat center; background-size:contain;'/></span>         
        <td rowspan='1' class='info_toggle' id='{$feed->position}'><a onmouseup='$('.hidden_image#{$feed->position}').slideToggle('slow');' onclick='$('.hidden_mask#{$feed->position}').show();><img src='images/zoom_02.png' title='See a larger image of these flowers' /></a>
        <td colspan='2' class='prod_name' id='{$feed->position}'>{$feed->prod_name}
        <td colspan='2' class='prod_price' id='{$feed->position}'><span id='{$feed->position}'>from: £{$feed->price}</span><a href='{$feed->prod_link}' target='_blank'><span class='buy_button'>&nbsp;Buy it now!&nbsp;</span></a></td>

The data and the CSS all work perfectly. There is a href link towards the end of the code, which also works perfectly.

I am racking my brain trying to find the error in my syntax within the onlick function.

I have tried all manners of backslashing, using trial and error, for exampel:

onclick='$(\'.hidden_mask#{$feed->position}\').hide();' or onclick='\'$('.hidden_mask#{$feed->position}').hide();\'' or onclick=\''$(\'.hidden_mask#{$feed->position}\').hide();\'' or even onclick=\''$(\\'.hidden_mask#{$feed->position}\\').hide();\'' <--Freddy Krugar 'slashing' example

At any rate I am at a loss.

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Would it have anything to do with the "_" (underscores) in the HTML or XML? –  Killuh-B Jul 30 '12 at 12:23

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Try with double quotes and escape them:

echo " ...


echo " ...


This way you do the escaping in the PHP only, without needing the Freddy Krugar escaping for the DOM parser.

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AWESOME- that was the key to it all. The backslash with a quote rather than an apostrophe. Cheers Fabrício! –  Killuh-B Jul 30 '12 at 12:37
@user1562842 No problem. =] Click in the "V" at the top-left side of my answer to mark it as the accepted answer when you can. –  Fabrício Matté Jul 30 '12 at 12:39

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