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I saw an unusual thing in This Website: AccuWeather.com
Some tags in this page (like lis) have a href with a url in its Class attribute, Like the picture below,
So what I want to know is:

1- Why they used the href and url in class attribute?

2- how can I do this?


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It's nothing special. They're just using JSON encoding to put arbitrary data into a DOM element. An alternative to use to the new data- attributes allowed by HTML5.

Why do you want to do this? Browsers will not treat it specially, and in fact JSON-encoded data makes it an invalid attribute value.

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1) Why they used the href and url in class attribute?

They did this mainly on li elements. I guess this has been done in order to provide the data to an event handler, in order to navigate to another page on a click or mousedown event.

2) How can I do this?

Basically they're storing a JSON object in the class name. One could extract the data with JSON.parse(...), but you shouldn't. Use the HTML5 data-xxx attributes instead.

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