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On http://docs.xamarin.com/ios/about/assemblies it says that if I want to provide my code as an assembly to other MonoTouch developers: "You must recompile your source code to generate assemblies targeting the MonoTouch profile".

How do I do that?

How do I do that with Visual Studio?

How do I do that with msbuild?

I found MonoDevAssist at http://monodevassist.codeplex.com/documentation, but the instruction there said I should copy a bunch of DLLs from "your Mac". I don't have a Mac. I have installed MonoTouch for Android on my Windows machine, but I can't find a directory like the one in that description.

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I have installed MonoTouch for Android on my Windows machine

What you likely have is Mono for Android which runs fine on Windows and targets Android.

MonoTouch is another product from Xamarin, targeting iOS (iPhones, iPod, iPads) and it requires a Mac computer.

Even if there's quite a bit of features shared between the two products, in general, you need to look at the documentation for the product you have.

How do I do that?

Simply re-compile your existing source code including reference(s) to the assemblies that are shipped with Mono for Android.

How do I do that with Visual Studio?

Create a new project, e.g. a library, for Mono for Android. Add your source code to the project. Add references to the SDK assemblies you requires. Rebuild your code.

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