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I want to create my database layer so I can swap it out and use say LINQ or whatever in the future.

In my abstract class (or interface), what return type should I use for results that return a list/collection of items?

Does nHibernate return List?

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You should use IList<T>. NHibernate always returns an IList<T> from it's collections and the documentation says:

The names of the collection mappings is one obvious place where the differences between Java and .NET are shown. Java's collection library has many more options than System.Collection does.

* The <list> maps directly to an IList.
* The <map> maps directly to an IDictionary.
* The <bag> maps to an IList. A <bag> does not completely comply with

the IList interface because the Add() method is not guaranteed to return the correct index. An object can be added to a without initializing the IList. Make sure to either hide the IList from the consumers of your API or make it well documented. * The maps to an Iesi.Collections.ISet. That interface is part of the Iesi.Collections assembly distributed with NHibernate.

Not only that, it's generally good practice to code against an interface, not an abstraction.

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