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i have installed: cuda sdk 4.2 64, cuda toolkit 4.2 64, cuda devdriver 4.2 64,

i checked every nvcuda.dll in \windows - all of them, are 4.2 version, but when i create a context with driver api and check it verison with cuCtxGetApiVersion - it shows me "3010"

i do not realy care about that version, but when i try to use runtime api with that context(need to mix them) - it shows me error 49(cudaErrorIncompatibleDriverContext)

any ideas, what is going on and how to make it work together?

seems it is not some issue with windows - running the same project under linux results in the same 3010 api version

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I solved the problem - i was exporting "cuCtxCreate" function directly during execution(it is other language - no cuda.h). After looking in original cuda.h i found that it defines other name for that functrion, basing on some sort of smartass defines. And that new function "cuCtxCreate_v2" creates a good context.


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