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I want override the following properties in my portal-ext.properties:


to something like this:


I have done this in EXT, i.e. I have created the package: ext-impl/src/com/krishna/ in EXT-plugin and it works fine, but I am not able to do this in a hook or portlet. Why? Because its giving me exception:

java.io.IOException: Unable to open resource in class loader com/krishna/email_membership_request_subject.tmpl

So, my question: Is there a way to do it in hook or portlet or only EXT can be used?


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This can be done only in an EXT plugin. Because of the following two reasons:

  1. Hooks can be advantageous to override few properties/services but not all. This particular property is not supported by hooks.

  2. This is definitely not possible with portlets, as you already are facing class loading issues. As portal-impl.jar is located inside the ROOT/WEB-INF/lib of liferay and your portlet doesn't have access to it.

So EXT plugin is the only way.

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Do you have a list of the properties supported by hooks? and also by overriding this property it doesn't mean I am trying to access portal-impl.jar. I understand that the code to load these *.tmpl files is in portal-impl.jar but is there not a way I can ask liferay to look into my specific plugin? –  Prakash K Jul 31 '12 at 6:35
You can find out through Liferay IDE, it will allow you to see most of the properties that you can override when you are creating hooks. As far as I know there is no other method to include templates from your plugin. –  Sharana Jul 31 '12 at 9:22

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