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And how do the constraints differ in practice on various browsers?

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Just what are you trying to do with meta tags that make you concerned about a size limit? –  Welbog Jul 23 '09 at 14:41
There is no length limit. What exactly do you worry about? –  Gumbo Jul 23 '09 at 14:41

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Meta Description Tag Length: It’s not the number of words that count. It’s actually the number of characters length. Because, Google will cut off anything more than 155(roughly) characters. Optimizing for in the description and try to limit its length to 25-30 words. Also try to use no more than two sentences.

Taken from http://online-seo-information.blogspot.com/2009/01/meta-description-tag-length-examples.html

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155 is the lenght of the snippet that appears in the search results. The meta description, searched by Google can be as long as you won't. Google says "the more information you give us, the better your search result snippet can be". –  simpatico Jun 10 '12 at 18:16

Ideal character/ words limit in google of title = 66 and in yahoo = 120 Meta-Description = 150 to 160 Characters

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I think the general view is that if you think the length of your META tag might be too long, then it IS too long!

For keywords and description tags I realized some folks want to stuff every possible term they can think of in there but its a lost cause. The content of your site will get you ranked in Google and similar much better than spamming the META tags.

How Google uses Meta tags which describes using a short description... and Google doesn't even look at the "keywords" tag. (which is typically the one SEO trigger happy marketing folks stuff full of crud)

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The limit is More like 265 characters, as Aviva Blumstein found out in an experiment she carried out and published under the title Tested: The Best Length for a Description Tag is Longer Than You Think in 9/2011. While it is true that the snippets shown are cut down to a little less than 160 characters (looks like "at the closest word boundary before 160 chars are reached"), the entire description is used for display, but only the first ~265 characters are really searched for the keyword specified.

Doing a little math, I come out at a maximum useful length of 265 + 160 - lastword_length (as the last word ending before reaching the 165th character is the last one searched for the keyword), which makes roughly 400 characters (425 minus that "last word", including some "tolerance" as you probably don't want to count precisely where the boundary will run).

So while the keywords you want to be found should be within the first 265 characters, you can extend your meta-desc beyond that limit.

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The w3c makes no mention of size limits meta at w3c.org. As for browser implementations, you would need to look at the individual browser's source code and/or documentation.

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Meta limits for Title max. 65char and for Description 160char

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How do you know this? Where did you get your information? –  Andrew Nov 15 '13 at 16:04

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