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I'm trying to make a Flex desktop library project and its complaining about lines like these in my code:

import spark.skins.mobile.ButtonSkin;

I've tried importing all the SWC's which look relevant but I can't make these compilation errors go away.

Importing the mobilecomponents.swc allowed me to get the LabelItemRenderer errors to go away but not the skins.

Anyone know a solution ? Or do I have to put any files referencing skins into the top level application.

Yes. I know, ultimately I probably won't have mobile skins in my final library. Just trying to get it to compile for a desktop run at present and don't want to make thousands of changes to the code.



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It's been a while since I had to do this; but Mobile Skins are in a separate SWC than the mobile components. In a library project, the skin SWC is not added. At one point I think I even made a request in the Adobe Bug Base, but at this point I doubt it will ever get fixed.

I think the best solution is to manually add the mobile skin SWC to the class path. It will be located at:

[Path to Flex4.6 SDK]\frameworks\themes\Mobile\mobile.swc

You may also be able to use the theme command line argument. [I'm not sure if theme argument is available on library projects, though]

 -theme="[Path to Flex4.6 SDK]\frameworks\themes\Mobile\mobile.swc" 
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Awesome... yes, the skins swc is indeed hidden away in that themes directory. The only place I didn't look. I added the swc to the library path and all the errors went away. Hope someone else finds this useful too. Thanks again. –  blissweb Jul 30 '12 at 15:21

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