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I am writing in java some kind of application and i have to place something in front of another objects( in Z order) I know that that i should use JLayeredPane but in fact i am not very familiar with it. My idea is to make two JPanel's with different Z-order factors while inserting them to JLayeredPane. i pasted my code http://www.wklejto.pl/130038 i would be very grateful if you tell me what is wrong because i am doing it for a long of time with no effect.

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I don't see anything wrong with this code. Maybe you're trying to paint a transparent (not opaque) JPanel (e.g. with message) on top of the underlying base JPanel. In that case you should invoke setOpaque(false) on your front JPanel.

    JPanel second = new JPanel();
    second.add(new JLabel("message"));
    jlp.add(second, new Integer(300));

JPanels are opaque by default - on the other hand JLabels aren't.

And take a look into tutorial.

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