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I had this query in Mongoid2 that was working fine:

GlobalWord.collection.update({"_id" => "foo"}, {"$inc" => {:count => 1}}, :upsert => true)

If it finds the GlobalWord with the id foo, then it updates its count by one, otherwise it creates a document with the id foo and a count of one. I didn't find an equivalent for that in mongoid3.

edit: I need the query to be atomic

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I believe this should work:

GlobalWord.find("_id": "foo").upsert("$inc": {count: 1})

I didn't test it, though. There's no MongoDB on my phone :)

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this doesn't work if the word is not yet in the db –  Gaul Aug 13 '12 at 10:25
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I used GlobalWord.create(:id => word).inc(:count, 1) which seems to be atomic

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From the docs & rdoc

GlobalWord.new(id: word).upsert("$inc" => {count: 1})

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