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I'm using the LLVM C++ API mostly as a code generator for a scripting language that is parsed and evaluated (generating code, compiling, and executing it) at runtime. Currently I'm investigating future use cases in the context of a distributed/concurrent system and wonder if and how these use cases could be implemented. Maybe you can share your thoughts:

  1. Is there a way to generate LLVM code on one node in a distributed system, serialize it to some wire format, send it to another node, compile or recompile it there and then execute it? I'm already stuck finding methods to serialize a module/function.
  2. Are there ways to enable multi-threaded code generation/compilation within the same LLVMContext, i.e., a pool of threads shares a LLVMContext and generate/execute code within this context simultaneously. What I found out so far is that there should be a LLVMContext for each thread in this case. However, I can I then share a module between the different contexts and relating to 1), how could I move generated code from one module to the other?
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You can definitely use LLVM bitcode format to forward the code from one node to another. See include/llvm/Bitcode/ReaderWriter.h and around for more info. You can also check the sources of LLVM tools to see how the bitcode is serialized and deserialized. You might find http://llvm.org/docs/BitCodeFormat.html useful.

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