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What are some good podcasts on PHP and MySQL?

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There's of course dedicated PHP Podcasts site, which is an aggregator for PHP oriented podcasts.

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iBuildings TechPortal
An excellent podcast about PHP development. Most of the episodes are recordings from conference presentations.

I especially loved this episode: http://techportal.inviqa.com/2010/02/16/surviving-a-plane-crash-2/ where the developers of a Yahoo! like portal for the Netherlands talked about scalability and localization.

Podcasts that are about programming, but not exclusively PHP

Floss Weekly http://twit.tv/FLOSS
Where you can hear an interview from the inventor of PHP http://twit.tv/floss12

Software Engineering Radio http://www.se-radio.net/
Great, in depth, more than web programming topics (I learn about how big programming is)

Stackoverflow Podcast http://blog.stackoverflow.com/
Jeff and Joel cover some technical topics like proxy servers, scaling, server hardware, and how to move a turtle in the LOGO programing language. How do I move the turtle in LOGO? (look who asked the question)

NOTE: I answered this question and saw the duplicate reference to this question. I wanted to add the same answer to this question since it is floating to the top as the prime.

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