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ROOT=`pwd | sed 's%\(.*/myABC\)/.*%\1%'`

This is a shell command , I believe the purpose is to find root path of this project. I am not so sure how this work. Could anyone help explain it for me? Thank you so much

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you are in the directory path

/home/youruser/myABC/some/other/deeper/dir and you use these command the path will be truncated to only /home/youruser/myABC/.

sed - is a string editing tool

s% - substitute the string of pwd and use '%' as separator

\(.*/myABC\)/.* - capture a string which contains myABC and save this in the first parameter

\1 - print first parameter

best regards kenny

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Great explanation Kenny. Thankyou.have a nice day. –  Anders Lind Jul 30 '12 at 15:23
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If you want the parent directory of the current directory, couldn't you just do:

ROOT=`dirname $PWD`
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