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I'm working with some auto-completion code. setSelectionRange() is used to select text been completed in oninput event handler. It works at least in Firefox 14, but not in Chrome(6, 17).

Simplified code snippet demonstrating the problem is like this:

<input type='text' oninput='select()' />
function select(e){
    var s = this.value;
    if (s.length)
        this.setSelectionRange(s.length-1, s.length);

I debugged the code in chrome, and it turns out that text has been selected at first right after the setSelectionRange() been executed, but the selection disappeared later.

If i bind the handler to onclick instead of oninput, like this:

<input type='text' onclick='select()' />

then both browsers work fine.

Can anyone please give me some clue to make selection work in Chrome?

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There are some problems with your code, namely that the parameters passed into the select() function are wrong: this will be window and e will be undefined. Also, using select() as a function name within the oninput attributes causes a problem because select will resolve to the select() method of the input itself. A better approach is usually to set the event handler in script rather than via an event handler attribute.

However, the problem exists even after correcting these issues. Possibly the input event fires before the browser has moved the caret in Chrome. A simple workaround would be to use a timer, although this is sub-optimal because there's a possibility the user will be able to input another character before the timer fires.



<input type="text" oninput="selectText(this)">

<script type="text/javascript">
function selectText(input) {
    var s = input.value;
    if (s.length) {
        window.setTimeout(function() {
            input.setSelectionRange(s.length-1, s.length);
        }, 0);
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This works. I wonder why most search engines' search suggestion only show candidates in the droplist, but never complete user's input and select the completion. Maybe it has something to do with my problem. – bigbug Jul 31 '12 at 2:51
The reason this doesn't work the right way in Chrome (without setting a timeout) is because a Chromium bug that's been active for over three years now: – jrajav Feb 17 '13 at 16:52
for over a year, I've revisited a piece of code only to give up when it wouldn't work and move onto other things. Such a simple fix...frustrating though. – Senica Gonzalez Sep 10 '14 at 23:21

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