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I want to construct a matrix of results for 48 GLMs (including model coefficients, R2, etc.). I though in calling the model objects by using a for loop which iteratively call them using paste() and mget() functions, which create a variable with the same name that the model object. Imagine these are the model objects:


My problem arise when I create a name to call the object using paste() and mget() to automatically create an object name identical to the model object name (in this simple example mget(paste ("var1",table.row)) should result in var1_ds1_1, but I cannot extract the model coefficients or any other parameters.

for (tab.row in 1:48) {
     result.matrix[tab.row,]<-mget(paste ("var1_ds",table.row,"_1"))$coef[1] # An example to extract the linear coefficient

My question is: How can I automatically generate the names of the model objects to store their parameters into a new result matrix?

The new matrix should be:

Row Variable Dataset Slope P-Value R2
 1  Var 1    1       1.3   0.001   50%
 2  Var 1    2       0.8   0.004   32%   
 .    .      .        .      .      .
48  Var n    n        .      .      .

Thanks in advance.

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You didn't have an r tag, so most R folks will have missed this. –  seancarmody Nov 3 '12 at 23:48
Have you tried get instead of mget and paste0 instead of paste? Better still, rather than creating a long list of variables, when you fit the 48 models you could collect of the results in a list. –  seancarmody Nov 3 '12 at 23:55

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