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In a rails application I am working on I have the following setup:

class Volunteer < AR::Base
  has_many :engagements

class Engagement < AR::Base
  belongs_to :volunteer

I am trying to select all volunteers who are not engaged on a particular date or between date ranges:

scope :not_engaged_on, lambda { |q| joins(:engagements).where([" != ?", q])}

scope :not_engaged_between, lambda { |s, e| joins(:engagements).where([" NOT BETWEEN ? AND ?", s, e]) }

These scopes I am merging along with other scopes to filter volunteers.

The above scope :not_engaged_between produces the following SQL:

SELECT "volunteers".* FROM "volunteers" INNER JOIN "accounts" ON "accounts"."user_id" = "volunteers"."id" AND "accounts"."user_type" = 'Volunteer' INNER JOIN "engagements" ON "engagements"."volunteer_id" = "volunteers"."id" WHERE (accounts.activation_state = 'active') AND ( NOT BETWEEN '2012-07-30' AND '2012-08-04')

The problem is a Volunteer might not have any engagements till now and in that case the query totally ignores those volunteers. How can I make return all volunteers even if they don't have any engagements?

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You need a not exists to do this. This syntax is a bit heavy on SQL, maybe there's a better arel-way to do it.

scope :not_engaged_on, lambda { |q| where(["NOT EXISTS (SELECT ID from engagements WHERE = ? AND volunteer_id =", q])}

scope :not_engaged_between, lambda { |s, e| where(["NOT EXISTS (SELECT ID from engagements WHERE BETWEEN ? AND ? AND volunteer_id =", s, e]) }
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Thanks for the answer. But, throwing NoMethodError: undefined method `default_scoped?' for #<Arel::Nodes::Not:0xcfc1b04>. Any ideas?? – Syed Aslam Jul 30 '12 at 15:18
Ok edited my answer. May not be the best syntax, but it should do the job – Anthony Alberto Jul 30 '12 at 15:31
thanks for your help. Somehow, exists.not syntax and NOT EXISTS was not working for me. Had to do this to make it work: scope :not_engaged_between, lambda { |s, e| joins("LEFT JOIN engagements e ON e.volunteer_id = AND NOT BETWEEN '#{s}' AND '#{e}'").where(["e.volunteer_id IS NULL"]) }, which would generate the SQL as suggested by @Erwin. Thanks again for your help! – Syed Aslam Jul 30 '12 at 16:18
Since I am building scopes and merging them before running the query, this method works better for me now, thanks. – Syed Aslam Sep 3 '12 at 19:47

@Anthony already mentioned NOT EXISTS. The other option is a LEFT [OUTER] JOIN + check for existence (e.volunteer_id IS NULL):

FROM   volunteers       v
JOIN   accounts         a ON a.user_id =
LEFT  JOIN engagements e ON e.volunteer_id =
                        AND BETWEEN '2012-07-30' AND '2012-08-04'
WHERE  a.user_type = 'Volunteer'
AND    a.activation_state = 'active'
AND   e.volunteer_id IS NULL;

You have to move the condition BETWEEN '2012-07-30' AND '2012-08-04' to the join clause in this case.

Use another LEFT JOIN for accounts, if it may be missing, too. But it seems you do want to check for user_type and activation_state.

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Thanks. It works, I had to define it like this to generate the desired SQL: scope :not_engaged_between, lambda { |s, e| joins("LEFT JOIN engagements e ON e.volunteer_id = AND NOT BETWEEN '#{s}' AND '#{e}'").where(["e.volunteer_id IS NULL"]) }. Thanks again!! – Syed Aslam Jul 30 '12 at 16:17

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