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I need to validate an account number. It is supposed to have only digits and have 9 or 10 characters. I tried this:

return Regex.IsMatch(id, "[0-9]{9,10}");

But this is not working correctly, as it returns true in case the number is "1234567890blah". Could you please help, as I am not that good with regex?


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You need to indicate that the digits must be the entire string. Put ^ at the start to indicate that it must be the start of the string and $ to indicate that it must be the end.

return Regex.IsMatch(id, "^[0-9]{9,10}$");

See Regular Expression Anchors for more details.

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Thank you and others who gave the right answer. It does work. –  David Shochet Jul 30 '12 at 15:20

Modify by using ( Add start and end caracter, ^ and $ caracter)

return Regex.IsMatch(id, "^[0-9]{9,10}$");
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This is the problem with regex. There are simpler and clearer solutions.

string acct = "1234567890";
long temp; 

return (acct.Length == 9 || acct.Length == 10)
    && long.TryParse(acct, out temp);
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It's not a "problem with regex", it's regex being used incorrectly. Regex is intentionally a very precise tool. –  Rob Volgman Jul 30 '12 at 15:24

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