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I am using STM32F4Discovery kit to build a simple CAN interface. I managed to configure it so I can transmit CAN messages, however, I am stuck at receiving them. As far so I know, to receive a CAN message, it has to pass acceptance filters. I would like to set the filter to accept all (standard, 2.0A) messages from ID 0x700 to 0x7FF. Could somebody help me explaining how to do this? I've read the reference manual, but I have no idea how to actually configure the filtering. Thanks!

void CAN_FilterConfiguration(void) { CAN_FilterInitTypeDef CAN_FilterInitStructure;

/* CAN2 filter configuration */
CAN_FilterInitStructure.CAN_FilterNumber = 1; // filter number = 1 (0<=x<=13)
CAN_FilterInitStructure.CAN_FilterMode = CAN_FilterMode_IdMask; 
CAN_FilterInitStructure.CAN_FilterScale = CAN_FilterScale_16bit;
CAN_FilterInitStructure.CAN_FilterIdHigh = 0x0000;
CAN_FilterInitStructure.CAN_FilterIdLow = 0x0000;
CAN_FilterInitStructure.CAN_FilterMaskIdHigh = 0x0000;
CAN_FilterInitStructure.CAN_FilterMaskIdLow = 0x0000;
CAN_FilterInitStructure.CAN_FilterFIFOAssignment = CAN_FIFO0; // FIFO = 0
CAN_FilterInitStructure.CAN_FilterActivation = ENABLE;


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Filters are working in List or Mask mode. They can be 32 bit or 16 bit. You can have 32 filters, but 0-13 are assigned to CAN1 and 14+ are for CAN2.

In one filter there is 1 32 bit filter or 2 16 bit filters

  • One 32-bit filter for the STDID[10:0], EXTID[17:0], IDE and RTR bits.
  • Two 16-bit filters for the STDID[10:0], RTR, IDE and EXTID[17:15] bits.

This is the way to make tested word. In mask mode the CAN accepts when TESTED & MASK == ID. In list mode CAN accepts whede TESTED == ID or MASK == ID. There are 2 filters in 16 bit and 1 filter in 32 bit - when ID = IDHigh << 16 | IDLow (and same way to join mask).

More information on DM0090 link

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