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I am looking for regex repalce command to replace particular strings. Suppose i want text ss to be replaced by <u>ss</u> in a HTML code. So if my input is <p style="">ss</p> i want to see output <p style=""><u>ss</u></p>

But i don't want word like

<b>Issues</b> to get replaced like <b>I<u>ss</u>es</b>

So i need to put a check if its a complte word or apart of the word.

I want regex.replace for

">ss<" & > ss <

Any has better solution for this?

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Leaving aside the observation that regex is not the best tool for use with HTML, you can use \bss\b expression to make sure there's a word boundary before and after the string that you're matching.

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You should not used Regex to parse html, regex is designed for regular lagnuages, where HTML is context free.

I would strongly suggest a HTML Dom Parser

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Better solution is to use HTML parser library, parse the html and replace the tags. Checkout HTML Agility Pack

Having said that if you still insist on using Regex because you know your data is in particular format then following regex should suffice for your need.

  • [>] is close tag
  • [<] is open tag
  • \s is optional white space
  • ss is the pattern
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What about a simple solution like this:

public string ReplaceHtmlTagContent(string value, string search) {
    return value.Replace(">" + search + "<", "><u>" + replace + "</u><")
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  string input = "<p style="">ss</p>  <b>Issues</b>";
  string pattern = "(?<=\>)ss(?=\<)";
  string replacement = "<u>ss</u>";
  Regex rgx = new Regex(pattern);
  string result = rgx.Replace(input, replacement);
  Console.WriteLine("Original String: {0}", input);
  Console.WriteLine("Replacement String: {0}", result);
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Not sure I exactly understand what you want here, but what's wrong with this:

dataString = dataString.Replace(">ss<", "><u>ss</u><").Replace("> ss <", "><u> ss </u><");
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