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Just wanted a small clarification regarding SEO, because my business mainly depends on search engine visitors.

I just purchased a WordPress theme. The theme has the ability to repeat the post content on to the homepage.

i.e. I can select 3 to 4 individual pages and place them into a tabbed content on the homepage.

I just wanted to know that when Google indexes the home page as well as those 4 pages, will it count for duplication?

If so, can I just place a no-index tag on those 4 pages(so that Google do not index theme) and repeat those 4 pages on homepage, so that homepage will be indexed and also the content from those 4 pages will be indexed on the homepage itself.(I also have read more tag for those 4 pages on the tabbed box on homepage).

I am sorry if it's confusing, but I need help please...

Thanks in advance!

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Stackoverflow is mainly about programming, but maybe someone can help you on this matter. Anyway, I'm no expert but if you're putting the exact same content on posts and the index page, it is duplicate content for the users (even if it isn't for google). Do you think they need to read the same thing twice? – Cthulhu Jul 30 '12 at 17:26

You should not put the full post content on the homepage or in the pagination pages. Search engines will be annoyed by this (duplicate issue and more).

You have to put the first paragraphs of the post on the homepage / pagination pages, this should be between 300 and 700 characters.

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