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I have a function that triggers a stored procedure that runs a select * from tbl_admin where id=".." and username=".." The returned output of the select statement is stored in a complex return type object spa_user_Result and stored onto a list.

I want to pass this list to the view and use it to display data, How do I do that?? code is smthing like this:

   public ViewResult Index()
            <spa_users_Result> result = new <spa_users_Result>();
            System.Data.Objects.ObjectResult<spa_users_Result> r;
            r = db.adminUser("s","superuser");

            result = (<spa_users_Result>)r.ToList();

            return View();
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You need to pass your object(s) to the View method

public ActionResult YourAction()
  var result =  db.adminUser("s","superuser").ToList();
  return View(result );

Assuming your db.adminUser("s","superuser") method returns a Collection of spa_users_Result object.

Make your View strongly typed to List of spa_users_Result object

@model IEnumerable<spa_users_Result>
@foreach(var item in Model)

Assuming your spa_users_Result class has a Property called Name

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I'm not entirely sure what level of detail you're looking for with this question, but passing the list to the view is as simple as:

return View(result);

EDIT: Also don't you want result to be a list?

List<spa_users_Result> result = new List<spa_users_Result>();
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