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I use codemirror and jquery to "simulate" an xml-editor in the browser. Some xml-Tags include an "on"-attribute with two possible values (true or false). Would it be possible to toggle these values at an onclick event? Is a codemirror/jquery plugin available?


self-coded solution.

function attrtoggle(){
    var pos = editor.getCursor();
    var line = editor.getLine(pos.line);
    var index = line.indexOf("on=");

    if(index > 0){
        //define range 
        if ( pos.ch -3 < index || pos.ch - 9 > index)
            return false;

        var len = 10;
        var replace_pos = index + 4;

        if(line.charAt(replace_pos) == "t"){
            //insert false
            line = line.replace('true', 'false');
        } else{
            //insert true
            line = line.replace('false', 'true');
        edited = pos.line;
        editor.setLine(pos.line, line);

Just add an event-handler for the onclick event

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Just to clarify: you are editing XML in CodeMirror and have XML like <mynode on="true" /> and you want, when the user clicks on that node in the text editor, to have it change to <mynode on="false" />? –  JoshMock Jul 30 '12 at 17:39
Yes! Which way would be the best? –  NaN Jul 30 '12 at 20:25

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By far not perfect (bad design and so on) , but it works as expected:

Just trigger the function at an onclick event.

function attributeToggle(){

    var transitions = {
        "on": {

    var pos = editor.getCursor(); // object {line, ch}
    var token = editor.getTokenAt(pos);
    var line = editor.getLine(pos.line);


        var prev_pos = token.start - 1;
        var prev_token = editor.getTokenAt({'line':pos.line, 'ch':prev_pos});

        if(prev_token.className == "attribute")
            var attr = prev_token.string;
            return false;

        if(typeof transitions[attr] === "undefined") //nothing to replace
            return false;

        var current_val = token.string.toLowerCase().replace(/(['"])/g, "");

        if(typeof transitions[attr][current_val] === "undefined")
            return false;

        var line_new =  line.substring(0, token.start) + \
 "\"" + transitions[attr][current_val] + "\"" +  line.substring(token.end);

        editor.setLine(pos.line, line_new);

    } catch (e){
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