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Looking at Oleg solution for jqgrid filtering, I wrote a code to filter my jqgrid. It has the difference to have 3 differents fields of research but only one button to execute the global search. It works quite good but even if the first search is executed correctly, the second search is executed 2 timese, the third search 4 times, the fourth 8 times and so on, causing several issues if I make a lot of searches. Here's the code:

var grid= $("#mygrid");

function executeSearchInSoftgrid() {    
$("#executeSearch").click(function() {
    f = {groupOp:"AND",rules:[]};
    var searchFiler = $("#filterField1").val(), f;
    var searchFiler2 = $("#filterField2").val(), f;
    var searchFiler3 = $("#filterField3").val(), f;
    if (searchFiler.length === 0) {
        grid[0].p.search = false;
    if (searchFiler2.length === 0) {
        grid[0].p.search = false;
    if (searchFiler3.length === 0) {
        grid[0].p.search = false;

    grid[0].p.search = true;


Wherever I call the function (loadcomplete, gridcomplete, readyfunction) the behaviour is the same. Any ideas??? Thanks


Here's the place where I call the function, and it finally works:

var initialize = true;
            gridComplete:function () {
                if(initialize == true) {
                initialize = false;
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I suppose that the problem in your code is that you placed $("#executeSearch").click inside of executeSearchInSoftgrid function which you probably call more as one time. The code

$("#executeSearch").click(function() {...});

is nothing more as as registering of the event handler (the function function() {...}) which will be called automatically if the user click on the element having id="executeSearch". You can register multiple event handles to the click event. In the case all the callbacks will be called in the order in which there are registered.

So you should register the callback function only once. If you would need the call the event handler independent from the user's interaction you would can do this with $("#executeSearch").triggerHandler('click') (see here) or just with $("#executeSearch").click();.

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I checked my js file, I call executeSearchInSoftgrid() only one time in loadcomplete – Franky Jul 30 '12 at 16:39
@Franky: loadcomplete will be called on every grid refresh. So you bind more and more events on every grid reload/paging/sorting/filtering. You should move the code out of loadcomplete after the grid is created. – Oleg Jul 30 '12 at 16:44
tried in gridcomplete, loadcomplete, readyfunction.. the behaviour is always the same, the alert popup 1,2,4,8,16.. times – Franky Jul 30 '12 at 16:56
@Franky: You should place the code outside of any callback. You should place the code just after the grid is created. For example: $("#grid").jqGrid({/*jqGrid options and callbacks*/}); $("#executeSearch").click(function() {/*the code of your eventhandler*/}); – Oleg Jul 30 '12 at 17:00
@Franky: Sorry, but you should post the code which you use or post the URL to the demo. I suppose that you don't remove some old calls of executeSearchInSoftgrid from loadcomplete, gridcomplete and so on. Moreover the whole code have to be inside of jQuery.ready of cause. – Oleg Jul 30 '12 at 17:18

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