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I'm making a helper function that, amongst other things adds or removes a class. The function needs to be able to do either as there doesn't seem any point in making two functions with the only difference being one adds a class the other removes it. So:

function kalf_addRow( type, action ) {
    found = $("."+type).not(".row-vis").first();
    $(found).[INSERT 'action' IN HERE]Class("row-vis");     

I would pass it either "add" or "remove" as the "action" parameter and then need it inserted where shown. I would need to do similar for the slideDown too but it's basically the same problem.

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jQuery has a toggleClass function: api.jquery.com/toggleClass –  asawyer Jul 30 '12 at 15:58

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As asawyer said, you could use toggleClass.

$(found).toggleClass("row-vis", action == 'add');    

Or another way would be to use an if. Or you could do this

$(found)[action + 'Class']("row-vis");    
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because I don't think very clearly! Fair answer, would solve both issues. Thanks for the actual answer too, worth knowing for the future. –  artparks Jul 30 '12 at 15:59

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