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I'm not using regular model, so can't use Django's syndication framework. So, i did used the low-level syndication util called feedgenerator to generate RSS feeds like shown below.

feed = feedgenerator.Rss201rev2Feed(title=_("Feed by %s") % user.username,
        link="http://%s" % DOMAIN_NAME,
        description=_("RSS Feed provided by something.com"),

    for note in ObjectModel.published_objects.filter(user=user):
    response = HttpResponse(feed.writeString('UTF-8'), mimetype='application/rss+xml')
    return response

However, I couldn't find good example how i can return this as Response type.

response = HttpResponse(feed.writeString('UTF-8'), mimetype='application/rss+xml')

Apparently, Above code seems not right cause the browser does not recognizes as RSS feed. Could someone tell me what I should do to fix this problem?

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This is just working fine. Was recognizable by browser.

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