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The logfile states that my Photon license has expired or the PhotonLicensing.dll can't be loaded.

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Since Photon 3 you don't need a .license file if you are using Photon for free. Just delete any old .license files you still might find in your folders from upgrading etc.:


If you acquired a license, just copy the .license file into the above mentioned folders (depending on the environment you use).

However there is one edge case: When you unpack your SDK with the Windows Explorer built-in unpack tool your files might get blocked as they are marked as "internet download".

There are to ways to solve the problem:

  1. you unpack with another tool like 7zip or winrar.
  2. or you unblock the zip-file before you unpack with the Explorer built-in zip functionality - right click the “not trusted” zip-file choose “Property” and click unblock.
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Unpacking with 7zip instead of the built-in Windows unzipper was really fixing this problem for me, thanks. –  derFunk Aug 11 '13 at 21:40

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