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I have an Objective-C class which one of it's variables is an C++ object (most of my code is C++, but I need some ObjC classes to integrate with iOS libraries). Does Objective-C++ guarantees that the C++ object will be correctly destroyed when the Objective-C object is destroyed?

Some example code:

class MyCppClass {
    // ...

@interface MyObjCClass : NSObject {
    MyCppClass myCppObject; // is it ok to do it?

// ...

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As long as you don't include that header in a normal .m file, you should be fine. – Richard J. Ross III Jul 30 '12 at 16:05
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Yes. After the -dealloc method is called, a hidden .cxx_destruct method is called. This method calls all the destructors of all instance variables that have a destructor.

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