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I'm using nose (via django-nose) with the coverage plugin to check test coverage of my Django project.

I've configured nose to generate an HTML coverage report on every test run:

NOSE_ARGS = [                                                                   

Now, I want to disable the plain-text coverage report that gets shown after every test run; the HTML is much more functional, and the long badly-formatted table makes it hard to see actual test output. Neither nosetests nor coverage seems to have such an option, or perhaps I just can't find one?

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(Taken from this related question)

You can install nose-cov:

pip install nose-cov

which has more control over reporting options. Then, change --with-coverage to --with-cover, e.g.

 '--cov-report', 'html',

which will export to HTML but suppress console output.

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Thanks! The question isn't exactly the same (that user had --with-coverage on by mistake), but nose-cov is perfect. –  supervacuo Jul 21 '14 at 9:15

A quick-and-dirty fix is to comment out the line that generates the unformatted coverage report in nose/plugins/cover.py:

def report(self, stream):
    log.debug("Coverage report will cover modules: %s", modules)
    #self.coverInstance.report(modules, file=stream)
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