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It would have been cool to be able to also compile SWF files even in AIR mode.

I have SWF modules on an AIR app that i want to load/unload when necessary. Their code is in the same project than the global AIR app. It seems i have no choice but using ant or creating a new (flash) project to be able to compile those SWF where a chained task of sub tasks would have done the job if i could compile SWF even in AIR mode.

Last option, build an AIR app for each module and only keep the SWF file... not the best.

Or am i missing something?

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Two ways:

  1. Referenced Project
  2. Create a properties profile and launcher that doesn't start the .SWF

Referenced Project

Creating a Referenced Project and use that as a base to generate modules is the preferred way. Some have just use one referenced project to create modules, some use a unique project for each module. You can then move the .SWF to your base project with an Ant script.

enter image description here

Properties Profile And Don't Launch With ADL

Since the AIR workflow creates a .SWF, just do that and create different profiles and don't launch the generated .SWF with the ADL. To test the .SWF you can just use an ANT script to test it.

enter image description here enter image description here

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